Analog FM

VA3XPR Going All-Digital on Nov. 30th

VA3XPR, FM, Digital Mobile Radio, DMR, repeater, amateur radio, ham radio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

On November 30, 2013, the VA3XPR analog FM repeater will be making the switch to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) operation, making VA3XPR an all DMR repeater system. Since it’s launch in September 2011, the analog FM repeater has provided a valuable service to the ham radio community in the downtown …

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On-Air Hangout

Anyone wanna hang out on the radio for a bit on Wednesday’s @ 8:00pm? We are hams after all and we need reasons to use our beloved equipment! This will be come as you may, leave when you want, whatever goes event. Got a technical question? Want to meet up …

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VA3XPR Launches Improved Analog FM Repeater

Great news, Toronto! The VA3XPR analog FM repeater is back on the air after a hardware failure on April 19, 2013, which rendered it inoperative. The new analog FM repeater, which is a Motorola XPR8400, is a 100% duty cycle commercial grade repeater, that will offer a number of benefits …

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Be Back Soon!

Please note that the VA3XPR analog FM repeater will be off the air for a couple of weeks until a new antenna is installed at the site. The existing antenna is now being used by the new digital DMR repeater and a new antenna is on its way. In the …

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WIN System Tech Net

Interested buying an antenna, but not quite sure which one to get? Heard of a duplexer, but not sure what it does? Want to know if digital communications is any better then analog? No need to fret, as all these questions and more can be answered by Shorty Stouffer, K6JSI, …

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