VA3XPR launches an all-digital Yaesu System Fusion repeater in Toronto

VA3XPR Yaesu System Fusion FDMA C4FM Toronto ham radio DR-1X repeater
The VA3XPR Yaesu DR-1X repeater in Toronto using Yaesu’s System Fusion FDMA C4FM digital technology.

Great news for digitally connect hams in the great Toronto area! Today, VA3XPR launches an all-digital repeater using Yaesu’s System Fusion FDMA C4FM digital technology in the downtown Toronto area. This repeater is open to any ham radio operator who owns any one of Yaesu’s System Fusion radios, such as the Yaesu FT2DR, to communicate with other hams in the greater Toronto area with absolute crystal clarity. The System Fusion FMDA C4FM digital wireless technology was launched by Yaesu in September 2013 and is currently only compatible with radio equipment manufactured by Yaesu under the System Fusion brand.

This new repeater, which will operate under the VA3XPS call sign, is located in the St. Jamestown neighbourhood of Toronto and will provide excellent coverage throughout most of the city from the site where VA3XPR first launched in September 2011. “This welcomed addition to the VA3XPR repeater family will continue the mandate of VA3XPR, which is to create a sense of community on the local area, act as a catalyst for education about ham radio and to facilitate communications in the local area” said Don Trynor, VA3XFT, who is the sponsor of the VA3XPR repeaters. “You simply won’t believe how amazingly clear Yaesu’s System Fusion digital technology sounds – especially when operating in the digital VW mode! With this repeater being configured for digital-only operation, digital aficionados can enjoy the benefits of C4FM digital communications without interruption from non-digital users.” further exclaimed Trynor.

VA3XPR Yaesu System Fusion Toronto DR1X repeater antenna ham radio
The antenna for the new VA3XPR Yaesu System Fusion repeater overlooking the northeast Toronto city skyline.

This new Yaesu System Fusion repeater joins two other digital repeaters in the VA3XPR family, which both operate using Digital Mobile Radio, commonly known as DMR, an open standard TDMA-based digital voice technology being widely adopted by hams globally. For any hams with Yaesu System Fusion equipment looking to access the new FDMA C4FM repeater, can do so using either Normal (DN) or Voice Wide (VW) digital modes on their radio on the frequency 443.3875 MHz with a +5.0 MHz offset.

About Don Trynor, VA3XFT

Don is a 16-year veteran of the telecommunications industry and a licensed Canadian ham radio operator since 1988. He is passionate about VHF/UHF repeater communications, especially using digital modes and he has owned and operated a number of ham radio repeater installations over the years, including ones in both the provinces of Ontario (VE3/VA3) and New Brunswick (VE9). In addition to ham radio, Don enjoys traveling, hiking, kayaking, biking and astronomy.