New Website for the VA3XPR Repeater

VA3XPR repeater web page toronto amateur radio ham

The New Voice of Downtown Toronto has a new home! A new interactive website for the VA3XPR repeater launched today, allowing users quicker access to information they need. In addition, the page now supports an easy to read schedule for the VA3XPR Global 360 Net, allowing participants to quickly find the events they wish to participate in. “We heard from our users that they wanted easy access to frequently used information.”, said Don Trynor, VA3XPR Repeater Sponsor. “We’re confident that this new website will deliver exactly that and more”.

The new VA3XPR website allows users to access a full range of multimedia & interactive information, including a Google Maps-based coverage map, photo album, social media postings, enhanced search capabilities and live RSS feeds.

About Don Trynor, VA3XFT

Don is a 16-year veteran of the telecommunications industry and a licensed Canadian ham radio operator since 1988. He is passionate about VHF/UHF repeater communications, especially using digital modes and he has owned and operated a number of ham radio repeater installations over the years, including ones in both the provinces of Ontario (VE3/VA3) and New Brunswick (VE9). In addition to ham radio, Don enjoys traveling, hiking, kayaking, biking and astronomy.